Rumour: Koji Igarashi working on Castlevania 3DS

With the release of the Harmony of Despair earlier in the year (It’s on a half price sale on XBLA today if you want to get it), Igarashi is rumoured to have his developing team working on a new project for the 3DS. According to Paul Gale’s blog, “Konami’s artists and 3D modelers have already begun work on the game with the studio apparently aiming to make clever use of the handheld’s 3D camera”. Castlevania’s 3D efforts have ranged from decent (Lords of Shadow) to one of the worst games ever made (Who the hell even thinks that Castlevania 64 is even playable?), While their 2D efforts have been of a more consistant quality. Either way, its good to see that the franchise is still being worked on.

Source: (Eurogamer)

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