SEGA To Announce New Platinum Games Title

When Clover Studios collapsed after Capcom terminated their Studio (after only releasing six games), Most of the previous employees went on to create Platinum Games (A few members went to different places such as Takeyasu Sawaki who went to Ignition to create El Shaddai: Ascention of the Metatron). When Platinum gamess were incepted in 2008, they formed a deal with SEGA who would publish their first four games (MadWorld, Infinite Space, Bayonetta and the newly release Vanquish). It seems after these titles Platinum has maintained a friendly relationship with SEGA as they have confirmed to be working on a new game and that they are keen of extending their partnership with SEGA (Confirmedby Alan Pritchard, VP of sales and marketing at SEGA). Word of announcement of their next title though may suspect it will be Bayonetta 2 due to the popularity of the last game (Currently Platinum’s best selling title) Although anyone hoping for MadWorld 2 will be severely dissapointed (Currently Platinum’s worst selling title bar Infinite Space which was a success considering the budget).

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