SEGA to release Dreamcast Collection Title

In an interview in Game Informer with VP of sales and marketing at SEGA, Alan Pritchard (Seeing a pattern here?) Confirmed the rumours that fans have been speculating by announcing a Sega Dreamcast collection that will compile some of the most popular games on the system and releasing them for modern day consoles (This is reminiscent of Sonic Ultimate Genesis /Megadrive collection collection). SEGA has already started rereleasing their DC backlog through PSN & XBLA by releasing Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi through these services (There’s rumours that Jet Set Radio is also being released). There is no full list of titles on the disc yet though there were a number of high quality games on the system such as Tech Romancer, Shenmue, Grandia II, And best of all: Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves. Unfortunatly, Alan Pritchard has also confirmed that SEGA has no plans to release the Dreamcast 2 anytime in the future.

Source: (Game Infrormer)

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