Smash Bros. Will Continue to Avoid Melee’s Hardcore Appeal

It’s been a long time since anyone at, or related to Nintendo has talked about the Smash Bros. franchise. And while we probably still aren’t due for one anytime soon, except for maybe on 3DS, Sakurai did talk about the game’s future in term of difficulty.

While Smash Bros. has always been more accessible than most fighters, Melee made things a bit more complicated, making some consider it  a hardcore fighter. Brawl steered the series back to a more casual fighting game, and it seems the series will continue to move along this path.

Sakurai, the mastermind behind the Smash Bros. series, just thinks Melee was too difficult. “There are three Smash Bros. games out now, but even if I ever had a chance at another one, I doubt we’ll ever see one that’s as geared toward hardcore gamers as Melee was. Melee fans who played deep into the game without any problems might have trouble understanding this, but Melee was just too difficult.

A bit sad, but Melee will always be around for those who who want that hardcore fix. Either way, fans are bound to be ecstatic whenever another entry rolls around.

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(Source: Nintendo Life)

4 thoughts on “Smash Bros. Will Continue to Avoid Melee’s Hardcore Appeal”

  1. I read about this yesterday, and Sakurai’s future direction for the series is disappointing, considering that Melee is my favourite game in the series. Course, most of the aspects that turned Melee into a competitive fighter were glitches and exploits that weren’t discovered until after the game came out. Thus, I suppose it’s possible that the next game in the series has the potential to turn out the same way, unlike what happened with Brawl.

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