Sony Releases an Extended Gameplay Video of Uncharted 3

Sony is already pulling out their uncharted guns and it’s not even near E3 yet. Announcing it at the VGA’s was the only thing I thought we would get for a while. Boy was I wrong as it emmedietly made it’s way onto Jimmy Fallon and now we get even more gameplay minus any commentary. Uncharted 2 being last years Mass Effect 2, it made everything the first game tried to do exponentially better, for me I am pretty excited for 3 and boy if it isn’ t looking fantastic. You can check out the videos for yourself after the jump.

(Source GameInformer)

One thought on “Sony Releases an Extended Gameplay Video of Uncharted 3”

  1. Sully, I thought you retired. 😀
    This seems… exactly like the second game. I don’t doubt that it’s going to be a really good game, but I really hope they try something new this time around. Like Co-Op! NUDGE NUDGE.

    The detail in this series always impresses me.

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