Square Enix Delay’s Their January Announcement

Square Enix has had a mystery announcement set up for the 11th at the “Fabula Novalla Crystallis Conference”, I never get tired of that ridiculous name. It was rumoured we might finally get some solid release info or gameplay footageof Versus or Agito XIII. Sadly they have pushed back the event to the 18th for an unknown reason. It still seems like the Final Fantasy XIII group of titles will be the focus. People are also speculating we may hear something about Kingdom Hearts 3D and Dissidia 012 as well.

I have had a growing interest in Final Fantasy Versus XIII because of it’s oddly grounded look. Lot’s of Suits, normal dresses, skyscrapers, and cars with wheels. It’s also been hinted at that Versus XIII will be an action oriented game, sort of like Crisis Core.

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