Super Meat Boy PC receiving additional content January 2011

Remember that one game with the piece of meat running through lots of stages to rescue his girlfriend from a fetus? That’s getting a level editor now! In a post made of Team Meat’s blog, they confirmed that the PC version of Super Meat Boy would get a variety of bonuses; A level editor, an online level portal, Super Meat World and an oppotunity to Enter the Unknown. Details after the Jump.

Source: (Eurogamer)

 The level editor allows you to create your own level using all of the tools that game gives you excluding bosses however you can restrict which characters can be used for given levels. The catch? You have to be able to complete the level yourself. These levels are then sorted out in the online level portal which shows you when they were uploaded, A five-star scale on the level and a difficulty rating which is processed through how many times people died trying to complete that level. Enter the Unknown compliments this well by providing a selection of stages that have at least three stars in the rating system. As for Super Meat World, It will be used as more of a hub world than anything which allows more chapters to be released, kind of like t3h internetz on the 360 version (They are even getting professional such as Gaijin Games who created Bit Trip and Jumper creaor, Matt Thornson to work on it). No confirmation yet as to whether these will remain PC exclusives though.

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