Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 PSN Bound

Radiant Mythology 1 was a game styled like a MMORPG containing various cameos from the Tales of series as well as having the unique story mechanic of having the main character interested in women no matter which gender you pick for the protagonist (It was also released in the US, even the UK!). Radiant Mythlogy 2 was never released over here due to poor sales of the first game however to anyone with access to a JP PSN account it will be possible to import RM3 without the hassle of import tax.

The third game in the series contains a huge amount of characters compared to predecessors with a total of 80 playable characters (76 playable). The game will cost 5700 en digitally (~$70 but that’s inflation for you) and 6279 en (~$75) and will be released Febuary 10th 2011.

Source: (Tales Union)

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