23 thoughts on “TheSpeedGamer’s 2011 Lineup”

  1. I am loving the 2 PKMN marathons idea, personally I’m looking forward to them the most. For some reason with Zelda, Metroid, Mother and Pok√©mon it feels like this is a very Nostalgic of earlier times in TSG, I personally can’t wait for next year, even with the lack of a new series I think it’s the best lineup yet. (Though I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan, but I know there’s plenty of Star Wars fans out there! :P)

  2. Pokemon: The first five? No running shoes? Oh that’s gonna suck. Good luck with that. But hey, makes my Soul Silver PCB even more apropriate to hype it.

    Metroid: Are you sure you can fill 72 hrs with the whole fanchise? Prime 2 only takes five minutes. Also… I’m thinking I might contact Fangamer to get some shirts as a prizes.

    Star Wars: **** YEAH! Let’s get some awesome prizes for this! I think I’ll check out some shops after I get my tax return and annual bonus.

    Zelda: Hey Tyler? You know how you can practice for Wind Waker? Complete the world record run I bought last March. Just saying… ūüėé

    Pokemon 2: No comment.

    I am a little concerned here will be only 5 marathons, but if some of our ideas come to fruition, you’ll not notice the gaps.

  3. Oh, please, Britt, Pok√®mon is awesome. Let it slide, and chill. As to the “no new marathon” I know and recognize a few people who have never seen a Star Wars or Pok√®mon or Metroid marathon. So, in a sense, you did good. Good luck, I marked every single date on my calender. It should be amazing. Thanks for helping charities, Britt. You and the rest of TSG are literally my favorite people. You inspire me to do greater, and be a better person. So thank you. Happy New Year to you guys over in TX or wherever, and to anyone else and the community who sees this or who doesn’t.

  4. Sweet! We get to see the five minute run of Metroid Prime 2 again!

    I really like the classic pokemon idea, and I finally get to see a Zelda Marathon. There aren’t many ways this could get better.

  5. There had better be starwars battlefront 1 AND 2 in that starwars marathon or so help you BOB! But seriously, as long as it’s you guys, I’m usually content with whatever you guys do.

  6. Two pokemon marathons? Yes, please. Everything looks great and I’m especially psyched for Star Wars. However, what I’m most excited for is Zelda. I’ve watched just about every TSG event since the Mother siege but I’ve somehow missed out on Zelda, the signature series of TSG. Can’t wait to finally see it.

  7. Very excited for everything you guys have in store this year. I think its great you guys are doing two Pokemon marathons (me being a huge Pokemon fan). I’m really excited for the first one especially because it’ll give me the chance to see the old games again since mine either lost or broke. From the way it looks I’ll be able to donate too during most of these marathons. Can’t wait!

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