Tomb Raider Reboot To Be Detailed In Upcoming Game Informer

It has become a pretty standard thing to have games announced through Game Informer Covers. The latest game is Square Enix’s Tomb Raider Reboot which is being developed by Crystal Dynamics. Really I am only speculating from the title and description that the game is a full reboot. It’s both titled Tomb Raider and the description says that it will feature a young, inexperienced and ordinary Lara Croft in an origin story. Other then that we have little information to share. I suggest you check out the upcoming issue of Gameinformer if you are really itching for information.

Personally I really like the picture of Lara they show on the cover art. She looks much more like a strong female character than a barbie doll in short short’s.

Check out the cover after the jump.

(Source: Giantbomb)

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