UK Games Continue To Increase In Price

With the rising VAT rates of the UK economy as the country still is feeling the effects of last years recession (As well as increasign Student tuition fees /politics), Games are likely to be affected the most due to the recent trend in high production values and already unreasonably high prices for all the latest triple A titles (There’s a reason why Gamestation’s used section covers over half the store). The adjusted prices are measly at best: a £250 160GB PS3 will be raised to £255 and a £285 320GB will be raised to £291. This seems petty however it’s part of a larger problem in which larger multimedia buisnesses (Even supermarkets) can pay less VAT due to the large quantity of the products that they stock. This means that they can sell games for cheaper than a conventional game store creating a “monopoly” on the gaming market and hence killing of smaller gaming retailers.

Source: (GameInformer)

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