Wal-Mart : A Wii Owner’s Best Friend

If you own a Wii, there is NO reason why you shouldn’t take up this amazing deal.

For a mere $35, you can snag yourself a great bundle which includes : a third party Wii-Remote [and nun-chuck] alongside a video game from a per-selected list of 21 games [which incldes Just Dance 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Brothers Wii AND Epic Mickey].   Considering the ridiculous price of Nintendo’s Wii Controllers, this is an amazing deal that you definitely should not pass up.

Click me to go see the deal yourself!

Source:  Joystiq

3 thoughts on “Wal-Mart : A Wii Owner’s Best Friend”

  1. Well, I personally hate using third party controllers (unless its like MadCatz with the Rock Band controllers – where the third party is recognized as the official controller manufacturer) but its still a good deal just for the game since some of those are brand new releases.

  2. I for one, would totally get Epic Mickey. GamesRadar even said it was, and I quote, “better” than Galaxy 2 and the best 3D platformer of the year. Now that’s saying something.

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