10 Great Albums You Probably Missed in 2010

2010 was full of great music, however some of it was overshadowed by bigger more popular bands and artists, most recently Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy OST. This article isn’t about those well known and most anticipated albums, it’s about the Artist’s who make great music and are fighting to carve their own path to make sure their music reaches the people’s ears.

I make it a habit to listen to each new album I get all the way through. You get to seep in the full effect that way, and it leaves you with a longer, more satisfying experience in the long run. When you go through picking out your favorite songs, you’ll remember what comes before and after that song as well as what it has to do with the story…if there was one in the album.

Below is a list of albums I believe everyone should give a try. They are the cream of the cream of the crop for me personally, and I think there is a little bit that everyone can enjoy.

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Beach House – Teen Dreams

You don’t listen to Beach House for anything other than to mellow out. This album takes everything that was great about their past two albums, and improves everything about it. Imagine that it’s like the Banjo-Tooie for Beach House. Be prepared to slip into a relaxed groove.

Sam Amidon – I See the Sign

Sam Amidon meshes orchestral, rock, and traditional folk styles into a interesting piece of art that not only pleases the ears, but gets the musician’s gears turning.

Maps & Atlases – Perch Patchwork

Most people will be turned off either by the vocal style, or by the music which is typically considered Math Rock. It’s a musically complex arrangement with not a lot else. I just find it particularly enjoyable because of the interesting vocals. It’s like asking what made Bob Dylan so popular?

Harvey Milk – A Small Turn of Human Kindness

Oh Harvey Milk. The third album after their regroup from the almost 10 year hiatus is full of just as much pain and anguish as the rest of their albums. They don’t care about anybody, and they genuinely do it for the music. Whether you like the music or not, you have to respect that.

Gospel Claws – C-L-A-W-S

This album just makes me happy for some reason. Upbeat, catchy chorus, catchy riffs…everything that defines good driving music for me.

Caribou – Swim

Psychedelic is basically the only word to describe Caribou. When you’re listening to them it’s like you were transported back to the early 80’s, back when disco beats ruled the airwaves but people also experimented with music. If you liked the song “Goodbye Horses” in the post-Mario Marathon video Britt made, you’ll probably like this.

The Books – The Way Out

The Books always use clips from various things in their music, mainly they intertwine the music and the clips to create a very interesting theme for their albums. I do not know whether the album is using the samples as satire, but I do know that The Books have not changed a bit since their last album in 2006. That’s a good thing.

The Red River – Little Songs About the Big Picture

Similar to Sam Amidon, however less Folk and more Experimental Alt. (genres are a pain). The album is more or less presents an uplifting atmosphere. It’s good for a pick me up.

Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma

Are you into Experimental Electronic music? Yeah me too. Do you like Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim? Yeah, same here…been going downhill lately. Anyway, this guy did a lot of the bump music. It’s like listening to a professional version of your local late night college radio programming.

Roky Erickson with Okkervil River – True Love Cast Out All Evil

Who’s Roky Erickson you ask? Well he’s probably the second most tragic musical figure you’ll ever know (first being Daniel Johnston). In the mid-60’s he was vocalist for a rather influential band called 13th Floor Elevators. They were very vocal about their support of hallucinogens. A little later he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and was sent to a psychiatric hospital where he involuntarily underwent electroshock treatment. Ever since then it looked like his life was going downhill, which is why I’m glad to see his renewed interest in music. It’s about a rock as you can get these days…and it’s tragic and sad, especially if you know his story. If you’re interested there is also a documentary focusing on him called “You’re Gonna Miss Me

Hope you enjoyed this little year end wrap up. If you know of any less known artist that came out with spectacular albums in 2010, feel free to tell me in the comments. I’m always up for new music.

8 thoughts on “10 Great Albums You Probably Missed in 2010”

  1. Great article local, I’m going to give all these a try.

    A few more great and lesser known albums of 2010, in my opinion, were “Weathervanes” by Freelance Whales, “Drink the Sea” by The Glitch Mob, “Children of E.L.B.” by Soup, and “Decades and Decisions” by RQTN.

  2. Great list Local! As far as albums from 2010 go, I don’t know of any in particular that aren’t well known, however The Liptonians have recorded some of their music already for their second album which comes out on February 8th. One of the songs is called You Know I Did and is on the website http://www.headinthesand.ca

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