3DS… I am Disappoint

Well… not entirely with the 3DS. Just Nintendo’s release line-up. I bring to you from the world of yellow lighting, my thought’s on Nintendo’s first party releases for the platform in early 2011.
You can check out all my thoughts and all the yellowness after the jump.


(3DS Line-up video: PixelEnemy)
(Zelda OoT Nintendo World footage: Planet3DS

10 thoughts on “3DS… I am Disappoint”

  1. “If I want to play Ocarina of time, I’ll take out my N64.” Yes in fact it’s right behind you.

    Yeah when the DS came out Zoo Keeper seemed like the second most interesting title to me, right next to Super Mario 64 DS.

    Also you’re very upbeat in the video, which is great and it’s interesting to watch. That will teach me to assume what people’s attitudes are mainly based on their avatar.

  2. Yay! Video Content woot!

    Now, why would I buy OoT after having it on my N64 and Gamecube? Starfox, I will buy because that game is constantly fun no matter how many times I play it (As long as it doesn’t have touch screen control), but how many times can you play OoT before it gets stale.

  3. I’m sick of this. It’s the JAPANESE launch titles. There is NOTHING confirming that those will be the English launch titles! I am SO sick of people assuming that!

    1. Yeah, but chances are is that the US launch won’t be much different. Mario Kart 3DS, Paper Mario, etc. probably aren’t going to be there magically day one. I had A problem with Nintendo’s release line-up for what appears to be over the next 6 months most likely. I doubt much will change for North America or Europe.

      As for Third Parties, anything can happen. But I was only talking about Nintendo’s first party line-up

  4. WE CAN TALK DOWN HERE!?! I thought this place was for decoration.

    When the 3ds launches i want to get it on release date and i hope it launches with street fighter in america. and in my opinion the weak line up directly from nintendo is so 3rd party games have a decent chance of succeeding unlike what is happening to the wii. If nintendo released a major awesome game very often, then no one would buy 3rd party games thus 3rd party support would crumble.

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