3DS Promises GameBoy & GameBoy Color Titles on Virtual Console

Super Mario Land anyone?

Nintendo has announced that there will be a number of Gameboy and Gameboy Color titles available for 3DS Virtual Console at launch.  So far, Super Mario Land is the only one confirmed, but we will hear more about prices and game titles as they become available.

I’m just thinking…  I could have all Pokemon Games on one handheld console.  OH PLEASE SANTA NINTENDO.  WE HAVE ALL BEEN VERY GOOD BOYS AND GIRLS.

Source:  Destructoid

13 thoughts on “3DS Promises GameBoy & GameBoy Color Titles on Virtual Console”

  1. Let’s see… my wishlist for this consists of, but is not limited to:
    Shantae, Mega Man Dr. Wily’s Revenge, Mega Man II, Mega Man III, Mega Man IV, Mega Man V, Pokemon TCG, Metroid II, Kid Icarus, Zelda OoA, OoS, and LA, Wario Blast… can’t think of others at the moment.

    1. That would be AWESOME!

      …It’d also be nice if they could find a way to trade Pokemon between the versions you have on your 3DS. Or at least between versions on different 3DS’s, using Wi-Fi.

      But that will never happen =(

  2. I will cry tears of awesomeness which will evolve into further humans tearing up into tears of awesomeness into an infinite loop if all the Pokemon games on one handheld.

    Thinking about it now makes me want to cry.

  3. *insert Bison “YES” here*

    The main reason I got a DSi was for the possibility of classic GB games to download. Needless to say, I was disappoint. I was already planning on getting a 3DS anyway, but this seals the deal for me. Link’s Awakening, the Oracle games, and old school Pokemon all on the same system as DS/3DS games (not to mention all the N64 remakes coming out). Yes please.

  4. Thankfully the virtual console is a launch date thing because if we get the same games Japan gets launch date I’ll be very dissapointed. And yes they definetely have to put at least Pokemon Red and Blue on the virtual console. If they do some people said that a Wii version of Pokemon stadium should come out. I personally think that a 3DS remake of Pokemon Stadium should be made since we probably could be able to link Red and Blue to it. Only time will tell.

  5. So many thoughts, let’s do this in order.

    1) ABOUT ****ING TIME!
    2) Multiplayer? Will the Wifi work as a virtual link cable for oldschool games?
    3) GB and GBC, what about GBA?
    4) Will they let you trade pokey manz with yourself in other VC games? Oh please oh please oh please.
    5) If wifi does get configured to function as a virtual link cable, will it be local only or also long distance?
    6) I MUST TRADE MY POKEY MANZ WITH MYSELF! It’s how I get all three starters for my team.

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