Bad Gaming Trends: Pre-Order Bonuses

Don’t think of this so much as a series, but as a topic I will revisit often. In this first video I set my sights on pre-order bonuses. Wearing my whiskey media shirt to give props to Giant Bomb for their Bad Gaming Trend award that gave me the idea to visit the topic regularly. You can check out the video below. I hope you enjoy my yammering to you guys.





9 thoughts on “Bad Gaming Trends: Pre-Order Bonuses”

  1. Yes more videos!
    Yeah, I feel the same way, preorders are getting out of control.
    I’ve never liked the concept of preorders and I will not do it on principle because I feel like I’m being cheated out of content. I’m not saying I feel like I have to complete a game or have items and stuff handed over to me to get my moneys worth, but I feel like I should be able to obtain that extra skin or what not via in game method if I choose to do the work. It’s like the only way to own the game 100% is by forking over the cash sooner rather than later, after the reviews have come out and possibly canned the game. And I have a hard time believing something as big as mulitplayer maps and fatalities were made for the sole purpose of preorders, and wouldn’t be included in a game if preorders bonuses didn’t exist.

  2. I’ve never had an issue with the idea of pre-order bonuses when it’s like a real world trinket of some kind (like the Kyogre and Groudon coins for Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire or the rooster hat for Scribblenauts) except for the night vision goggles they offered for that one call of duty game – I’m not interested in CoD at all, but NVG are awesome! But I guess offering some cool like that to get you buy the game, regardless of whether you play it or not is the point. I suppose you could also consider it an issue that I hate how GameStop seems to be the only one that gets most of the pre-orders, even though they break street date all the time and are notorious for gypping people out of their pre-order bonuses and giving them to random people/employee’s friends instead.

    I have to say though, I whole heartedly agree that in-game unlocks are stupid, unless it’s like the Pokemon Colosseum preorder bonus of a Jirachi disc (which to this day is the only pre-order bonus that I have felt was a must-have for me) or done like the Star Trek Online pre-order bonuses where you could still obtain said bonuses by either buying them separate of the game for a fair price or doing some ridiculous feat in game to unlock them.

    Things like exclusive multiplayer things that everyone must have or no one can use are dumb and things that there’s no other way to obtain aside from haxing or preordering are also dumb. I agree.

    1. I understand your point with the physical item’s. I might should have been more specific, but the beef is primarily with the in-game items that have become popular. The reason being that in any scenario they were either an after-thought made to please the retailer or publisher, a piece of content from the game repurposed and taken away from the common user, or something that splits the online userbase in some way. All of this with the expressed purpose of getting you to give them a full 60 dollars with only the small amounts of parceled information that they control. Using the threat of being black listed they control most of the game sites and magazines out there. I realize now this is a bit off topic and maybe I am discussing a differen’t larger issue. I might visit this in a future video or article. But the point is they don’t care about giving you a cool thing for the most part. They just want you to think your getting something extra whether you are or not.

  3. You should definitely do more videos. You made some really good points there. I’ve never really cared about preorder bonuses, honestly. I don’t even remember the last game that I preordered. There are usually enough copies on the first day for me to be able to get one, so I don’t bother. Any preorder bonuses that I have gotten are probably sitting in a box somewhere.

  4. Good video, man. It’s nice to see your face.

    Anyway, I think most of what I was going to say has already been said: multiplayer exclusive pre-order content = bad, physical item pre-order content = good. In addition to that, I really like it when the pre-order content is simply cash/credit that you can use for a future purpose. Like, I already love shopping for stuff on Amazon, but if I can get $20 of game credit for pre-ordering a video game that I really want, then HECK YES I’ll go for the pre-order.

  5. One of the main reasons for pre-order content is to retain sales for gaming publishers. With the booming businesses of Amazon, Gamestop, and other markets with “used” games, more and more gamers with tight pocketbooks look to used deals versus a full-priced copy. Since most pre-order content is either account specific or are physical items, they are incentives for gamers to purchase the a new copy. Sales of used games DO NOT go to the publisher, so every time a used game is bought, the company loses the potential profits from that copy. I’m surprised the industry has tolerated used sales for this long. The big boys churning out your games are just trying to recuperate loss earnings by pushing new-game sales.

    1. EA and Atlus have shown much better ways of handling this issue. EA’s project ten dolllars includes codes for the online services of the games or extra content that you cant get in a used copy. They also sell this directly for 10 dollars to anyone who bought a used copy. Atlus includes physical items in new copies of their games such as soundtrack CDs or art books. Pre-Order bonuses promote the purchase of a game with only the information available pre-launch which is heavily publisher controlled. On top of that to get pre-order content they sometimes seperate things that would be included in the game normally or split the audience by including multiplayer maps that won’t go on sale for normal people for quite some time.

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