Bizzare Studios to Close

Project Gotham Racing, Geometry Wars, and Blur’s developer isn’t in a good situation.  Unless they find a potential buyer quickly, Activision will be dropping the developer faster than you can say “DOH'”.

“This decision comes after a few months of exhausted examination of a number of different options across the board. We of course care about this team…  We’re offering the studio as many resources as possible, including counseling, external placement services and external career fairs.” says Activision Worldwide Studios COO Coddy Johnson.

No offense…  But how about they cut about 3% from the COD franchise and give it to these developers.  Then they could stay in business for another 3 years!

[Note:  There is no mathematic basis behind this.  It is mearly a note of sarcasm and humorous rage.  Note was given because of wanting to maintain professionalism and not desiring to be called out on it.  Thank you, and have a great day!]

Source:  Destructoid

2 thoughts on “Bizzare Studios to Close”

  1. Not gonna lie, even though I feel blur wasn’t exactly the best racing game (go split/second) it does hurt to see a developer who is so embroiled in racing games to be facing an to it all. I hope somebody saves them. Hey EA wanna move closer to your goal of monopolizing the racing game market :^D.

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