Black Ops First Strike Map Pack Gameplay Trailer

We’ve already seen footage of Black Op’s upcoming map pack, First Strike. But that was more of a developer diary. Activision’s lastest video is actually a trailer, showing off some action packed gameplay within the levels.

The map pack is heading to Xbox Live first on February 1st, followed by  a PS3 and PC release at a unannounced date. It will set you back 1200 microsoft points, or $15, but it does score you four new competitive maps and one new zombie map.

You can check out the trailer after the jump.

2 thoughts on “Black Ops First Strike Map Pack Gameplay Trailer”

  1. Yeah, i completely agree with deadbrain. i want to buy this but all i really want is zombies and 15 bucks for a zombie map seems a bit unreasonable to me. i am honestly not a big fan of the multiplayer, especially since i have been a sniper since cod 4. but i guess the berlin wall and kowloon might be decent for snipers. i hope.

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