Catherine Demo Dated for January 27th

Catherine has quite a bit of buzz going as the first HD game from Atlus. Even though it seems more like an adventure game with branching paths than one of their RPG’s. It focuses on a man named Vincent who cheats with a young seductress named Catherine while he is currently dating the maternal and good for him Katherine. After the affair he begin’s to have horrific nightmare where he is chased by his sexual and relationship problems up a tower. These nightmares play out like a kind of box puzzle platformer where you have to quickly re-arrange boxes to clear your way up.

The demo is dated for January 27th on the Japanese online services for PSN and Xbox 360. You can get ahold of these by creating a Japanese account on your respective system, but if you only own an Xbox you need to have a Japanese Gold Account unless you can wait until February 2nd when it become available to everyone.


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