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It’s time for another article from Community Pokémon Archive! For those who missed the first article, we basically wanted to give members of the community a chance to write any article they want (pertaining to Pokémon, of course) to inform the community on the many aspects of Pokémon, as well as build the hype for the upcoming Pokémon marathons in March and December.

Today’s article was written by Profile, who chose to write about Shiny Pokémon.

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Sparkles on Screen

Found a golden Hoothoot in your old Silver? Wondering why your Treecko has a red tail? Noticed a sparkling patch while trying out your shiny new PokéRadar? In the past, lots of new Pokémon players thought this was a glitch, but more and more are in the know – those are shiny Pokémon.

Shiny Pokémon started to show in the games Gold and Silver, although if you transferred a nicknamed Pokémon from R/B/Y to Stadium, they’d have a slightly different color. In G/S, the player was required to investigate an odd sighting at a lake in order to progress. There, they would find a Gyarados – A red Gyarados, to be exact, sitting around the middle of the lake. More than likely it was their first shiny encounter ever. Crystal added another potential shiny – the odd egg you obtained from the couple at the daycare had a slight chance of being a shiny Pokémon.

Now, as you can imagine, a shiny Pokémon is very, very rare – A 1 in 8,192 chance. Someone can search for a day; someone can end up looking for months, maybe even a year. Sometimes you might end up finding one before you have Pokeballs – ouch. Some people have even gotten PokeRus before getting a shiny, and PokeRus has an even rarer chance!

How do you know if you even encountered one? Well, aside from the (almost) obvious color change, you’ll often see sparkles before the battle begins. If you catch it, you’ll notice there’s usually a star on the status screen.

There are several methods, if you so desire to hunt:

Random Encounters – The most obvious. All you have to do is run around in an area where you encounter Pokémon and hope you get lucky. Fishing also works.

Soft-Resetting – These are for one-off or gift Pokémon you can save in front of, such as Sudowoodo, Eevee, or Lugia. You save in front of the Pokémon, engage in battle (or obtain them), and if they are not shiny, press L+R+Start+Select on the DS at the same time (or if on the Gameboy Advance, Start+Select+A+B) to soft reset the game. This is almost the only way to get a shiny Legendary.

There are some restrictions to this, though, which I will note later on.

Breeding – If you want to get a certain shiny without worrying about encountering an undesirable shiny instead, you can use this method. An even easier variant is the Masuda Method – named after Junichi Masuda, who revealed it. The Masuda Method involves breeding a Pokémon from your game with another from a different foreign game, like an English Shinx with a Japanese Ditto. This increases the chances from 1/8192 to 1/2048.

Chaining – A method only in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, this involved a key item you obtained after seeing all Pokémon in the region Pokedex, minus Manaphy in D/P. When you used this item in grass, several patches would shake, then you’d walk into them, battle the Pokémon if it is the desired one, then kept going into certain patches until one of them shined. This was one of the most irritating methods, as many times your chain of that Pokémon would be broken if you were not careful or were just plain unlucky. If you plan to chain, try to reach a chain of 40 – this is where the chances of getting a shiny through this method are maxed out. You can also get multiple shinies in one chain – team of shiny Eeveelutions, anyone?

There is also a method called the RNG (Random Number Generator) method. Through knowing your secret ID (Which requires a cheat device OR having a random encounter shiny in the first place) and with a special program downloaded onto your computer, you can manipulate the clock on your DS and use certain functions on your Pokémon game (for example, the Coin Flip app for the Poketch) so that you can obtain a shiny Pokémon (Or egg with a shiny Pokémon) much more easily, provided that you get the timing right. Many shiny hunters do not like this method, as they consider it cheating.

Alright, you know how to hunt, but here are some tips –

1. Have patience. As said, you might not find one right off the bat. Some people are luckier than others.

2. Some people prefer to keep track of how many times they soft-reset or hatch eggs. The numbers don’t really play a role in when you’d get a shiny, but it is nice to know how long it took you.

3. If you are chaining, bring repels and a Pokémon that’s strong enough to one shot those Pokémon in one hit, as well as one to help weaken the shiny once you encounter it.

4. Also for chaining, be aware of what patch you start on – there are normal shaking patches and shimmering patches. Stepping in the same type will help keep the chain going. Also, go to the farthest patch possible that isn’t at the edge of the grass.

5. Take breaks on occasion. Shiny hunting can be a little strenuous, so if you’re getting tired, just stop for a while and do something else, either in the game or with the system off.

6. NEVER hunt in the Safari Zone. Pokémon have a chance to run, and it’d really suck if you ran into a shiny there. Especially if it’s a shiny Chansey.

7. If you’re hunting for a specific Pokémon, bring a Pokémon with a specific ability (Only applicable from Emerald forward): Static (Attracts electric Pokémon), Magnet Pull (Attracts Steel Pokémon), Synchronize (Makes the Pokémon more likely to have the same nature as yours), Cute Charm (Attracts the opposite gender Pokémon), Illuminate (Makes encounters more likely to happen). Certain attacks would help, but abilities are much more dependable.

8. If you’re worried that you might lose a shiny due to them escaping or using a certain move, these abilities can help: Damp (Prevents Self-Destruct and Explosion), Shadow Tag (Prevents Pokémon from escaping), Soundproof (Can’t be blown away by Roar) and Suction Cups (Can’t be blown away by Roar AND Whirlwind).

9. If you still have your Master Ball, SAVE IT. Buy Quick Balls too. You’ll never know when you run into that one critical moment where one wrong move means you’ve lost a shiny.

10. Smeargle is your friend if you’re hunting or breeding. Since it can learn any move through Sketch, you can give it egg moves for breeding, or if you’re hunting, have a level 100 Smeargle with this suggested moveset – Spore (To put the Pokémon to Sleep), Spider Web (To prevent them from running), False Swipe (To weaken it without worry), and Ingrain (Healing and prevention from being thrown out of the battle).

And what’s an informative article like without some interesting facts?

– As of Black and White, the only Pokémon that CANNOT be a legit shiny are: Arceus, Notch-Eared Pichu, Victini, Zoroark, Zekrom, Reshiram, Keldio, Melodia, and Genosect. Of those, Victini, Zoroark, Zekrom, and Reshiram are the only Pokémon you can catch in game that are programmed to never shine. Great idea game designers! */sarcasm*

– Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi are capable of being shiny, but while Mew is strictly for whoever had the opportunity to snag a Japanese Emerald and Old Sea Chart ticket, Celebi and Jirachi are stuck to the Japanese and American Colosseum bonus disk respectively. You’d need a lot of time and patience to try for one of those.

– A Ranger Manaphy cannot hatch shiny on the game you transferred the egg onto, but it can shine if traded to another game and hatched. Therefore, you’d need to find someone trust worthy enough to trade the egg to and either hope you are lucky or RNG it using that other person’s Secret ID. This is EXTREMELY risky, because if you mess up, it will never be shiny and you can never get another Manaphy egg from that Ranger game again.

– Speaking of RNG, Emerald has a broken RNG. Unlike Ruby and Sapphire, Emerald’s RNG is based on how long you play since starting the game. If you had a shiny frame that shows after 1 minute and 30 seconds, and if you run into a Pokémon at the exact time you hit that amount of time played, you’re pretty much guaranteed a shiny. Any Pokémon caught on that frame will have the same nature, thus they are called RNG clones. However, this broken RNG means it is almost impossible to get a shiny through Soft-Resetting. If you want to try, I suggest you try with a starter and completely restart your game every 250 soft-resets. Even if the enemy Zigzagoon shines (thus being uncatchable), that means you have an early frame. Ruby and Sapphire will convert to this once the internal battery dies.

– A trick you can try with breeding is trading them over to another game and hatching them. Similar to Manaphy, an egg can be normal on one save file, but if it’s traded over to another game and hatched instead (Save before you hatch any egg if you want to try this, just in case), there could be a chance that it might be shiny. It will hatch normally on the screen, but checking its status will show that it is shiny. This sadly also works in reverse: If you hatch an egg on one game and it’s shiny, you soft-reset and trade it to another game and hatch it, it will hatch shiny on the screen…but it will be normal in the status screen.

– None of the Pokémon obtained through Mystery Gift (excluding Pokemon that are obtained through items obtained through Mystery Gift EXCLUDING Victini) or Rangers 2 and 3 can be shiny. They are programmed to never be shiny.

– The only event Pokémon that can be shiny are Zigzagoon, Eevee, Milotic, Pichu (Specifically called Pikachu-Colored Pichu), Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, because they’re programmed to be shiny.

– The only spin-off games that have shiny Pokémon are Pokémon Rumble and the Japanese-only Mystery Dungeon: Blazing, Storming, and Light Adventure Squads, both for Wii. In Rumble, a shiny Pokémon always has a special trait, while in Mystery Dungeon, a shiny Pokémon has a stomach twice as large. There’s also a shiny Celebi in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2, but it cannot be recruited.

– When Kecleon was first shown in the Pokémon anime, people thought the purple one was its shiny form. However, that Kecleon is only for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

– Garchomp has the worst shiny form ever. Seriously, it is just a shade different from its normal colors.

– Shadow Pokemon can be shiny on Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD.

– Only on G/S/C can a Pokemon with a 12.5% chance of being female CANNOT be shiny and female. This is because (Again, only in G/S/C) the IVs of a Pokemon determine if it’ll be shiny and if it’ll be male or female. The highest attack IV for a female of that 1/8 chance is one, while the lowest attack IV a shiny Pokemon can have is two.

– Another thing that was only in G/S/C was the chances of breeding a shiny. If you bred a normal and a shiny together, the chance of getting a shiny from an egg was 1/64. This doesn’t work in the later generations.

– A glitch happens if you send a Shiny Pokémon to the Dream World of Black/White. When you wake them up…they will no longer be shiny. Beware.

– Speaking of the Dream World, it is impossible to get a shiny from there or from the PokeWalker for HG/SS. Like the Mystery Gift Pokémon, they are programmed to never shine. So if you want a Dream World shiny, you’ll have to breed for it.

So, in the end, is it really worth it? Well, yes and no. Originally in G/S/C, the shinyness of a Pokémon was determined by the Pokémon’s IVs. That’s no longer the case now. Shiny Pokémon are now more like trophies. If you don’t really care, then you don’t have to go for a shiny. However, if you like challenges, like the feeling of accomplishment, like bragging rights or just like pretty sparkly colors, go for it.
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23 thoughts on “Community Pokémon Archive: Sparkles on Screen by Profile”

  1. Nice article. Shiny Pokemon always interested me, not by catching them but just the fact that there is so much to them. The only shinies I’ve ever caught were completely random. I believe they were a Geodude, Starly, Venemoth, and Buizel.

  2. That RNG cheat seems kind of needlessly complicated. All your doing is forcing the condition that makes a shiny. Why bother when you can Action Replay the shiny bit to the on position?

    That being said, I have a shiny Arcanine on my HeartGold

  3. I just looooved my first Wild Shiny Pokemon Capture; Shiny Wooper in the Great Marsh. It’s still the same as a Safari Zone, I felt relieved when I caught that Wooper. x3

    Added it to my team, and since it’s pink, named it Samyone. Just cause. 😛

    Love the article Profile, great job! ^^

  4. Actually, it is possible for Zekrom and Reshiram to be shiny without hacking. Max out your party and boxes before fighting Zekrom/Reshiram. This lets you continue the game without having to catch them. They later reappear in Dragon Spiral Tower. This allows them to be shiny.

  5. I’ve had the Unfortunate pleasure of meeting 2 shinies in the safari zone’s of Fire Red, and Diamond
    in Fire red I found a shiny Doduo (yeah, fast, shiny, and could run away >.< )
    and in Diamond on my first visit to the swamp catching area I found a shiny Azuril.

    I've only accidentally killed 2 shinies ever (a golbat in crystal, and a corsola in platinum)

  6. You know what’s really awesome? When you’re in the Safari Zone to find Pokemon that are unavailable anywhere else and you STILL find a shiny!
    I’ve been lucky though. 2 out of 3 of the SZ-found ones were caught. Still, shinies seem to freaking congregate at Safari Zones, no matter what the Pokemon game is!

  7. I found two of my shinies while EV training (Bidoof and Weepinbell). My shiny Tentacruel died with my Silver. D:

    This article taught me a lot more about shinies. Thanks!

  8. I’ve only seen three and I didn’t catch a single one. A Ralts (I killed it AND gallade is my favorite pokemon) An articuno (it killed itself because it ran out of PP) and a Chansey in the safari zone. I am dead serious. I have horrible luck.

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