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Today’s article was written by nickyv917, who chose to write about Pokémon that are in need of an evolution. You an read the article after the jump.


Waiting for Change

When it was announced that all of the Pokemon in Generation 5 would be completely unconnected by evolution to any Pokemon from Generations 1-4, it was met with generally positive response. That meant that Game Freak would have to come up with more creative Pokemon. However, it made me a little sad. That meant that some Pokemon, who had been waiting in some cases for 15 years for an evolution, would have to wait for another three or four years until Generation 6 came out just to get a chance to evolve.

Several months ago, before Generation 5 came out, I started a post called “Pokemon in need of an evolution” on the TSG forum. And today, I’m going to use your input along with my own opinions to give a list of Pokemon who desperately need an evolution.

It’s a duck with a stick that it can use as a sword. HOW COULD THIS GO WRONG? Simple, it’s highest base stat is its Attack at a paltry 65, and when it was introduced in R/B, the only way to get it was to trade it for the vastly superior Spearow, because at least Spearow has an evolution. And, something else that I noticed: Farfetch’d’s stick is a holdable item. So that means that you can take his stick away. What’s a Farfetch’d without his stick? A slightly stronger and slower Spearow, that’s what.

Anyone with a brain stem could’ve told you that there was a very obvious resemblance between Luvdisc and a Generation 5 Pokemon, Mamanbou. Presumably (at least in my opinion), Mamanbou was intended to be the evolution to Luvdisc, and it was made before the decision was made to make Pokemon unconnected to previous Pokemon, so Game Freak ended up having to make Mamanbou his own separate entity. Although NicoCW’s explanation is far more hilarious. Why, Luvdisc? Why did you have to poop in the cereal? YOU RUINED IT FOR EVERYONE ELSE!

This one is pretty shocking if you think about it. Back when it was introduced in R/B/Y, it was one of the most dominate forces in the entire game (see Slowflake’s article on that), but it took a heavy stick to the back of the head when the Special split occured. A Special stat of 70 wasn’t great, but it was enough to competently use stuff like Blizzard, Fire Blast, or Thunderbolt. But, now with a Sp. Atk. of 40, something needs to be done. And I think I have it. Tauriot, Normal/Ground so it can get STAB on Earthquake, slightly higher Attack, Sp. Atk. around 75 or so. Over Used tier, here we come.

Parasect is the opposite of Tauros. When it was released, it was bad, and time hasn’t aged it well. It’s all bad, all the time, which is a shame, because I know people who like Parasect, and would like to see an evolution. If it does get one in Generation 6, the first thing it needs to do is drop part of it Bug/Grass type. Quadruple weakness to Fire, Flying, AND Poison (in Generation 1) just isn’t going to fly. But, if it does get a decent evolution in Generation 6, maybe it can finally live to its “Psychic Killer” status that somehow got back in Generation 1. Better late than never.

Why does Scyther get all of the love? Scyther gets an evolution in Generation 2, and by Generation 4, it’s the most broken thing in the game not named Wobbuffet. Maybe that’s why Pinsir isn’t getting an evolution. The game developers are worried that if they give Pinsir an evolution, it will be Scizor all over again. But, just think for a second about how cool looking Pinsir’s evolution would be. Maybe, instead of just two pincers coming out of its head, there could be pincers growing out of the original pincers, like the antlers on a deer. That would be awesome. Just don’t give it Bullet Punch.

Could someone kindly tell me what Dunsparce is supposed to be? I looked it up on Bulbapedia, and it said that it may be based on the Tsuchinoko of Japanese myth. I’ve also heard bumblebee get thrown around, but I sincerely hope that’s not it because Dunsparce is nearly 5 feet long. But, anyway, as to why it needs an evolution, it has fairly high HP, but sadly nothing else going for it, meaning that if you use it in battle, the only thing you’ll accomplish would be to anger your opponent as he waits for your HP bar to drop, very slowly.

This one is less about needing an evolution and more about cashing in on popularity. I’d almost be willing to bet that at least half of the people reading this have an Eevelution somewhere in their top 10 favorite Pokemon (my favorite Pokemon, for example, is Espeon). Plus, there is some cool potential that future Eevelutions could utilize. Imagine an Eevelution that can fly, or knows Kung Fu, or is made of metal. Every Eevelution’s type to date is special (Water, Electric, Fire, Psychic, Dark, Grass, and Ice). Why not have a physical Eevelution? And, before anyone asks, Flareon doesn’t count.

Plusle, Minun, and Pachirisu
Now, I say that these guys need an evolution, but it’s not going to happen. These Pokemon, along with Pichu and Minccino, were all made for one reason: to make the Pikachu lightning strike twice (no pun intended). Did you know that when Pokemon was first released, Pikachu wasn’t even intended to be the mascot for the company? Clefairy was. However, the public liked Pikachu more, and a successful anime series, 13 movies, and a Special Edition Pokemon Yellow later, Pikachu was the most popular thing in the game. So, Game Freak continued to make small, adorable, usually Electric rodents to get little kids interesting in buying Pokemon merchandise in the same way that I, as a young child, bought Pikachu stuff. Unfortunately, that means that, as Pokemon, they actually have to be in the game, and in game, neither Plusle, Minun, nor Pachirisu have one stat over 100 between them.

Gimmick Pokemon
These are Pokemon made with one goal in mind and improving the competitive game isn’t it, so therefore, they probably aren’t going to get an evolution. Ditto is around for breeding. Unown was made to help sell the third movie and to potentially make Pokemon ABC books for babies. Delibird was made to sell Pokemon Christmas tree ornaments and stuff like that. Chatot was made so that Game Freak could get some use out of the Nintendo DS’s microphone function. There are probably others that I missed. Please don’t hate me for it.

Mr. Mime & Jynx
Back in Generation 1, I usually grouped five Pokemon together: Mr. Mime, Scyther, Jynx, Electabuzz, and Magmar. They all human-like Pokemon with consecutive Pokedex numbers and they just look like they fit together. Scyther, Electabuzz, and Magmar have all got evolutions, while Mr. Mime and Jynx didn’t. This one, I can almost bet will happen in Generation 6, but still these two have needed one for a while. Jynx was awesome in Generation 1 (again, see Slowflake’s article) with STAB Blizzard and Psychic, along with Lovely Kiss. So, like Tauros, the massive drop-off is a bit staggering. But, with Blizzard devastating drop in accuracy, and the recurring fact that Jynx had no triple-digit stat, it becomes a little more obvious. As for the mime, I will say this, don’t use Mr. Mime competitively just because Chuggaaconroy used him in his Let’s Play of Fire Red. NPC’s in Pokemon games are morons and you could probably beat most of them an army of Farfetch’d.

I could go on for hours talking about Pokemon needing an evolution, but I know that most of you don’t have hours to spend reading this stuff and I think I’m fast approaching the 60,000 character limit, so I’ll end with this. I don’t want to tell Game Freak how to do their job, but in Generation 6, they need to evolve at least some of the Pokemon mentioned above. Because, I know there are a lot of people who are fans of these Pokemon, and they want to be able use some of them competitively.

9 thoughts on “Community Pokémon Archive: Waiting for Change by nickyv917”

  1. Excellent article.
    However, I would have to say gen 5 really changed everything when it comes to “this and that should evolve”, for the very good reason that they introduced brutally strong abilities, and expanded the learnsets of those who were only made for one Pokémon. Ditto, Espeon, Xatu, Politoed, Ninetales, Gothitelle, Chandelure, Serperior, Whimsicott, Sableye, Thundurus, Exeggutor and Tropius are all good examples.

  2. I would love to see a steel-type Eeveelution. I could see it having all this cool looking armor and everything. A dragon-type one would be rather odd but still interesting. Fear the wrath of SCALEON!

  3. The heck are you talking about? Leafeon is completely physical. I mean, just compare its attack to its special attack. And don’t you complain to me that Grass is special, because that argument has been right out since Gen IV’s physical/special split.

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