DC Universe Online Selling Well Initially

The game is selling so fast that they are having issues keeping it in stock. The sales of the game are close between the PS3 version and the PC version with the PS3, surprisingly having a bit of an edge over the PC version. DCUO was also the best selling game on Steam last week. Despite it’s great sales DCUO hasn’t been getting the  most stellar of reviews. Most reviewers are citing the repetitive task’s, easy to hit level cap, and lack of difficult end game content as the primary issues. DCUO is slightly different than other grind heavy MMO’s however in that the gameplay revolves around rhythmic 1 button combo’s rather than the usual clicking skills and waiting for cooldowns.

We will have to wait and see if DCUO sticks, but, a lot of non-reviewer’s seem to be enjoying the change of pace that the game provides from usual MMO fare.


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