Devil May Cry Coming To Your iPhone

The game I know everyone has been waiting to anxiously play with cramped on screen controls on their iPhone is finally coming. Devil May Cry, Mikami’s classic action game, is going to be available on various iOS device’s. It’s a heavily simplified from the original game having you guide Nero through a series of rooms on a grid and mash the touch screen to win. I doubt the game will be very interesting, but if you really want some Devil May Cry on the go then check out Devil May Cry: Refrain. Also odd that you apparently guide Nero instead of Dante.

(Game Informer)

3 thoughts on “Devil May Cry Coming To Your iPhone”

  1. It’s a port of Devil May Cry 4, so it makes sense that you would play as Nero instead of Dante. This will probably be the first game I buy on the iPhone. Who wouldn’t want DMC on the go?

  2. I didn’t want to come off as if I hate DMC. I just hate when companies try to cram console style game onto iPhone with a cramped onscreen joystick and buttons that have your hands covering half of the screen. I love DMC.

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