*Update*Devil Survivor Being Remade For The 3DS

Devil Survivor was a really fun Strategy RPG in the Shin Megami Tensei series that Atlus put out on DS 2 years ago. The game took place over 7 days in a sealed off Tokyo that has been quarantined due to a demon outbreak. As usual for SMT games you gain a party and the ability to control demon’s and then you grind and play through SRPG battles. The primary differences were the time mechanics where you when you went to a location you used up time and events occur on a schedule. Also during battles you would go into a standard looking RPG battle screen when you and another enemy clashed on the grid.

This version is being named Devil Survivor: The Overclock and will be an expanded port similar to the Persona 3: FES and P3P games. It features an extra scenario with an 8th day and more demon’s. There is no US release confirmed but the game looks like it will be out in Japan in the early 3DS launch window.

We now have screens and a bit more information. Unsurprisingly the 3D screen will only be menu’s but all of the action is getting a higher resolution for the 3DS’s larger touchscreen. You can check out the comparison photo’s after the jump.

(Source: 1up)

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