Dragon Age 2 DLC Teased

Before the game is out and Bioware is already teasing some day one DLC. They are also announcing that the time to pre-order the signature edition of the game ends January 11th. If you don’t pre-order that version then you will have to pay for the day one DLC. The major piece is The Exiled Prince which looks to be a full quest with an extra companion, the titular Exiled Prince. It will be $7.00 dollars or 560 Microsoft Points if you don’t get the signature edition of the game.

I am very tentatively excited for this game. As much as I love what they did for Mass Effect with Mass Effect 2 I don’t really feel that Dragon Age need’s to be more action oriented. Still if they do it well I won’t complain since the story and universe are what really interest me in the end.

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