Exporting Miis from Wii to 3DS is a One Way Transfer

We’ve recently recieved a ton of new information regarding the upcoming Nintendo 3DS. Stay tuned throughout the morning for a several updates detailing all of the new info we learned regarding the handheld.

The first thing that Nintendo confirmed were the logistics of importing Miis from the Wii to your 3DS. Unfortunately, it seems that because the 3DS offers a more robust creation process, the Wii cannot import Mii’s created or edited on the 3DS. However you can import Miis from the Wii and edit them on the 3DS to make them even cooler.

Bill Trenen, NOA’s product marketing manager, had this to say: “You can send your Miis from your Wii to your 3DS. But, because the Mii Maker on the Nintendo 3DS is a more robust program and has newer features, like hairstyles and eyes and things like that, the Miis you create there can’t go back to the Wii.”

(Source: CVG)

While this is unfortunate, it’s certainly not as big as being unable to import Pokémon from Gen II to Gen III was back in the day, so we’ll just have to accept it.

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