Final Fantasy XIII-2 Details Revealed

Sorry.  There’s not an amazing introduction concert this time around.

Instead, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be following around the mythology surrounding the deities in the Final Fantasy XIII universe [mostly surrounding the Etro deity, which controls the human heart].  Moreover, the story will pickup from the storybook that came with the Xbox360 version and expand upon events both past and present in the Final Fantasy XIII universe.  We are told that the world would be “expanded”.  Whether this was meant as a literal “ZOMG we can get out of the straight line we walk from point 1 to game end” or if was speaking figuratively in terms of depth of plot.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been called [by team leaders] as a more dark and mysterious entry into the Final Fantasy universe.

The male opposite of Lighting is still unconfirmed, but it is rumored to be Cid Raines [unconfirmed by all senses of the word].

The  battle system was very briefly discussed.  Developers state that it was be remarkably similar to the original game, but slightly altered and evolved to better represent the atmosphere.

Difficulty modes were discussed, but not confirmed.

Famitus will snag more info later this week.  Check back later for more details.

Source:  Andriangsang

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