Final Fantasy XIII-2

Not since Final Fantasy X has such a confusing and odd title reared it’s head. Final Fantasy XIII-2 was announced at the Fabula Novala Crystallis event last night along with a quick teaser that I was not very pleased with. One of the things I loved about Final Fantasy XIII despite it’s intense linearity was the character’s. More than most recent modern Final Fantasy games I enjoyed Sazh, Hope, and Lightning. Hope has a character arc that turned him from whiny to cool and Lightning was one of the few female protagonist out there that isn’t heavily sexualized. The trailer contains the one thing that might ruin that, Seatless armored chaps. The game is being developed for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 and is set to be out this year in Japan. Check out the teaser below.


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  1. lolz apparently Square-Enix said “Okay, we’ve got this awesome new trailer to announce a new game and we’re unveiling it to the world right now…. but it’s a secret to everybody!” because it was removed for copyright.

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