First Look at TellTale’s Jurassic Park

TellTale recently spilled the beans, and some screenshots, to Game Informer about their upcoming downloadable title, Jurassic Park!

Like TellTale’s other titles, Jurassic Park will be released in five episodes. Unlike many of TellTale’s other titles, Jurassic Park is actually taking a much more serious tone.

Universal choose Telltale as a developer because of their desire to focus more on the human side of the Jurassic Park series, rather than on guns and shooting dinosaurs. Instead, TellTale is going for a gameplay style similar to that of Heavy Rain, focusing more on a cinematic presentation of your actions and altering the story based on your choices.

TellTale notes two play styles will most likely have a heavy presence in the release:  Slow paced investigation sequences, and more high action moments as you try to escape velociraptors, the T-Rex, and some all new dinosaurs.

As mentioned before, you can check out the first screenshots plus some concept art over at Game Informer along with an in-depth look at the project.

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  1. Looks neat. It’s also a nice change of pace to see a Jurassic Park game take the focus off of shooting endless waves of dinosaurs and instead focus on the story.

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