Friends Codes Return for 3DS?

Gamers haven’t exactly been fond of Nintendo’s Friends Code system. But despite the negative feedback, it seems Nintendo may still be sticking with the system.

Andriasang recently translated a preview for Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition by Famitsu magazine. In it, Famitu reports how that if you want to play online with friends, you’ll need to exchange friend codes. But, of course, there will be “Quick Fight” and “Custom Matches” for random matches.

There are no details on whether there is one central code for the entire system, or one for each title. Hope the former over the latter.

(Via: Eurogamer)

6 thoughts on “Friends Codes Return for 3DS?”

  1. Here’s a thought for Nintendo: 1 Friend code per 3DS, for the hardware. Like the Wii. Or use the 3DS’s memory to save the codes for each person on each game. Like an address book on a phone, but with friend codes instead of a bunch of phone numbers and email addresses.

  2. The friend codes are only if you want to play against a friend, which isn’t that hard to register.
    You can still play online with random people though, and after the battle, I’m guessing it’ll let you register that person.
    I’m also guessing the way you use the friend codes will be different in each game. Nintendo did say they wanted to improve their online with the 3DS, after all.

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