Kaz Hirai Talks NGP 3G, Memory Cards, and More

Sony has gotten pretty much all the really big stuff out of the way when it comes to the NGP, at least all the details they are willing to announce so far. But there’s still the matter of the minor details. And though they are small, they can definitely shape your choice of purchasing the system.

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Sony confirmed that NGP will be 3G capable. What if you don’t want 3G though? Well, Sony is looking into offering WiFi only versions of NGP along side WiFi + 3G versions of the platform. Hirai says exactly what is available will vary per region.

What will also vary per region is the 3G support. As of right now, Sony is currently discussing with 3G carriers in multiple regions what sort of rates and fees they can offer. Only after Sony has worked out all the details with these companies will they reveal more specific plans on 3G.

Sony also announced at the show that the NGP can play downloadable PSP titles purchased through PSN. The NGP will solely rely on emulation to play these titles. If you already have purchased a PSP game through PSN for your current PSP, these titles can be transfered to your NGP.

Standard retail NGPs will use rewritable memory cards, similar to what the Nintendo DS already uses. Sizes have yet to be revealed.

And lastly, video out looks like it won’t be making a return, at least in the NGP’s current form.

Also worth mentioning outside of Hirai’s interview is Jack Trentton’s interview with Engadget. He says that, while a world wide launch would be ideal for the NGP, it seems unlikely at this point. Trenton says their goal is to launch in at least one territory by Holiday 2011. Japan has already announced that they will be launching in Holiday 2011, so unless there’s a delay, that goal has already been met. Meaning we might have to wait until 2012 to get our hands on the platform.

(Kaz Hirai Interview: andriasang)
(Jack Trenton Interview Via: VG247)

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