Kinect Bundles Outsells Move Bundles 5:1 in December

The NPD, who is pretty much the go to source for video game sales information, recently made sales numbers private, making it inaccessible to the likes of you and me, without the aid of leaks.  So companies have been using this to their advantage by putting out press releases that list “shipped” numbers instead of “sold” to make it appear as if software and hardware are doing better than they actually are.  Sony has been doing exactly this with the PlayStation Move.

I think it was pretty obvious overall the Kinect was doing better. And while we don’t have raw numbers for Move and Kinect, analyst Micheal Pacther reveals that Xbox 360 and Kinect bundles outsold PlayStation 3 and Move bundles by 5:1. Even more dwarfing is that Kinect software sold 13:1 to Move software.

It will be interesting to see just how far Sony can take Move. As of right now, it seems to be getting off to a slow start. Did you pick up either the Kinect or Move this holiday season?

(Source: VG247)

10 thoughts on “Kinect Bundles Outsells Move Bundles 5:1 in December”

  1. Why am I not surprised? The Move reeks of “been there, done that”, while the Kinect is something entirely different. Better? I still doubt it, though. Making actual, non-casual games for the Kinect WILL be a PITA, and it’s going to show at some point. Not in the first few months though, that much should be obvious.

    1. The Kinect idea has been done before actually, and ironically by Sony, with the eyeToy. The Move is probably a step forward from the Wii controller, and the Kinect is likely a step forward from the eyeToy. The Kinect is probably selling better though because anyone who wants a current gen motion controller already has a Wii, while the eyeToy is on the PS2.

      Also speaking of non casual Kinect games, Sonic Free Riders looks pretty great.

      1. I’d say the Kinect is a quantum leap forward, actually, though that’s… *sunglasses* the untrained eye’s opinion. But yeah, what you said after that was what I meant. The Wii’s existence is basically why the Move is getting trounced so far. On that note, I didn’t say all Kinect games would be shovelware-level, just that it was going to be hard to do something really good. If Sonic Free Riders really works, then more power to them.

        1. Well, just like what the Wii went through it its first few months, it will be a few months or so before ewe ca truly see both the Move and Kinect show some true potential. I do believe though the Kinect is the better system of the two. The Move does look like an interest piece of hardware, I just feel like if I want to do something with a motion-remote, I will just stick to my Wii.

  2. I actually spent some time with the kinect, and I can honestly say its garbage. The accuracy of the motion capture and recognition is so poor that doing anything is ridiculously slow and flawed. Playing a game on it was horrendous. I played ping pong and literally all I did was jump around in a circle waving my arms and I won. Reminds me a lot of why the eye toy was bad.

    1. Idk. I have played it, and I have noticed minimal delay. The game play was excellent and the games are fun for group events.

      I’m sure it is pretty obvious, but the technology behind Kinect is simply amazing. What people have been able to do with this off the shelf product, using various hacks and 3rd party designed API’s, is incredible. I know many people will complain about the titles, which is fair depending on what you are looking for, but in regards to the device itself, Microsoft has created something that is rather remarkable.

  3. Regardless how advanced Kinect’s technology really is, I absolutely hate it. Taking away the controller and using a person’s body as the controller… I hate it!

    Move on the other hand I really like. Sure, it’s definitely the same general idea as the Wii’s motion controls, but it’s far more accurate than the Wii (even with the Wii Motion Plus)

  4. its the sales pitch that doing it. it pays off to have a lot of money to spend on marketing. personally I don’t get why people are buying it. its to expensive and for gaming it sucks. who really want to jump like a mad person in front of your TV to get you character to move ? I think its new and sound cool people are buying it just like the iphone and so much other crap. if its shiny some people just gotta buy it and thank god that I’m not one of them

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