Konami to Buy Out Hudson

Hudson, the creator of Bomberman and one of the gaming industry’s oldest names will soon lose its independence to a much larger company: Konami. It was announced this week by Konami that it has entered into a deal to acquire Hudson as part of a stock swap. According to the deal, Hudson will become a subsidiary of Konami instead of an independent company.
Bomberman will soon have new corporate overlords. Konami wil also offer 0.188 shares of its own stock per one share of Hudson.

After making this announcement, Konami had this to say: “Above all in the Internet media industry, advanced function portable terminals ‘smart phones’ are becoming increasingly popular, and contents business opportunities for smart phones are expected to increase. Entering into new network services, including social network games, as considered with the booming [social network services] is expected to increase opportunities to recruit new users and the multifaceted development of our contents.”

From this, we can determine that Konami is mainly interested in Hudson due to its experience in social networking services and mobile games.

The impact of this situation is expected to be relatively minor, and no staff reductions of layoffs were announced. Let’s just hope Hudson continues to be great no matter who buys them out.

(Source: Gamespot)

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