Limited Edition Pokemon B&W DSis Heading to Europe

3DS? A fad. DS is where it is at! That’s why Nintendo is offering a new DSi for you hardcore Pokemon fans out there… well, the European ones anyway.

On March 4th, Europeans can pick themselves up limited edition Pokemon Black and White DSis, complete with the two legendary Pokemon from the new entries engraved on the top. You can check out both of the beauts after the jump.

Unless you’re a collector, I can’t imagine anyone picking this bundle up with the 3DS launching, most likely, within a few weeks of Pokemon Black and White. It’s  backwards compatible, so no need for another DS.

(Source: Nintendo Life)

7 thoughts on “Limited Edition Pokemon B&W DSis Heading to Europe”

  1. ^
    You’re just jealous. >:V


    Looks awesome, if it weren’t for the fact that my DS Lite still works perfectly fine I would buy one. BUUUT, with the stuff that have happened me recently with technology I wouldn’t be suprised if my DS Lite decided to suddenly kick the bucket.

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