Mass Effect 2 PS3 [The Good, The Bad and the Ugly]

The Good:  Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 has hit shelves!  Not only does it come with all the downloaded content from the Xbox360 version, but it also has an updated engine and graphics!  I mean, what more could you ask for?  The $60 price seems like a lot, but this is MONTHS of enjoyment awaiting you.

The Bad:  Mass Effect 2 has one heck of an install time.  Gamers are reporting up to 52 minutes for JUST the main game, not including the extra content.  While some people are stating that having more free space can speed up the process, it’s still one heck of a time investment.  I suggest running it before you go to bed.

The Ugly:  Looks like the gaming reviews are being a little more than critical on the game.  IGN especially is being more than evil to the PS3 platform. That’s not what is so aggrivating.  It’s that the gaming journalists are ADMITTING that they haven’t completed the game and are reviewing solely on a few hours of gameplay.  Fair and balanced opinions.  They should go join FoxNews.

Source:  Examiner EuroGamer

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  1. Well everyone already knows IGN is, well lets just say, very generous in regards to Microsoft and the 360, but I think the only reason the PS3 version got a 9.5 instead of a 9.6 is because IGN changed it ratings scale from a 100 point scale (where scores can be anything from 0.0 to 10) to a 20 point scale (where scores can only end in .0 or .5).

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