Microsoft House Party starts February 16th with Contra: Hard Corps Uprising

Another year, another Microsoft XBLA promotion. As per usual, Microsoft will be kicking off its new promotional event entitles “House Party” with the release of Contra: Hard Corps Uprising on February 16th. HCU will be made by Arc System Works who are best known for Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. HCU itself was inspired by Konami’s own Contra: Hard Corps however it is now being spined off into it’s own series. The other titles avaliablare are: Beyond Good and Evil HD which I psoted a trailer of yesterday, TorchLight which was created by some of the ex-members who made Diablo II, Bejewelled Blitz Live which is another iteration of the popular puzzle game and Full House poker will also be avaliable. It’s not confirmed in what order the other four games will be coming out in or how much each game will be however more updates will continue as they are announced.

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