Multiple Complaints About Eye Fatigue and Dizziness from 3DS by Public

Nintendo World 2011 ended not too long ago. And while we came out with some great information and footage, those who attended may have come out feeling sick.

According to Japanese magazine Friday, participants of the show were having trouble with the 3D effects. Many players they interviewed started feeling dizziness after just ten minute of gameplay, and some significant eye fatigue. While they were looking forward to checking out the 3D effects, they unfortunately had to turn them off.

While no one is still one hundred percent certain what sort of effects 3D could have in the long run, Nintendo has been shouting that 3DS’ 3D visuals shouldn’t be viewed by children six and under. Not your problem? Well, British eye expert, Richard Pakey, claims that 3D effects may be a problem for all of us saying, “There is a grey area surrounding the potential eye health issues caused by 3D, this is concerning ALL age groups, not just under 6 year olds.

Only time will tell if these side effects are a big concern. If 3D becomes more mainstream, we will probably get more answers to our questions in terms of health issues.

(Magazine Source: The Magic Box)
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(Both Stories Via: GoNintendo)
(Image Source: TSO)

7 thoughts on “Multiple Complaints About Eye Fatigue and Dizziness from 3DS by Public”

  1. When I bought my latest TV I went ahead and got a 3D one, since a 3D TV is only a little more expensive than a regular one. I got it figuring it’d be good for gaming. My first 3D gaming experience (Tumble) was quite fantastic! And the 3D updates to WipEout HD and Stardust were also quite good. So then I started buying lots of games based on them being 3D. And uh. Most of their 3D implementations SUCK, as it turns out.

    3D is one of those things that you have to be very careful about doing well, because the slightest problem makes it go from decent to unplayable and uncomfortable very fast. (I’m looking at you, Gran Turismo 5. Or rather, I’m NOT looking at you, because you make my eyes hurt.)

    So yeah my 3D glasses pretty much just collect dust now.

  2. Hmm, I’ve never had a problem with 3D and I once saw Avatar in 3D followed by another 3D movie. That’s like 5 hours of 3D. Maybe it just affects people who are predisposed to have eye strain or dizziness from the car sickness effect?

  3. I did have issues with 3D. Might be because I’m very slightly near-sighted. But if I go to the cinema and watch a 3D-movie, the strain I put on my eyes unconsciously to keep focus good means I leave the building with a pounding headache. So I’m off 3D for the time being.

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