Necromachina gets Spring Release

Necromachina was one of my most anticipated games at last year’s E3. It is a side scrolling adventure game made by Kouichi Yotsui who created Strider which even by todays standards is still considered as a highlight of 2D action platformers. The most interesting mechanic is the strong multiplayer focus. It’s a neat idea, having up to 4 characters fighting a gigantic boss at the same time while traversing dangerous perils as they go. Unfortunatly, despite the initial trailer stating it would come out in 2010, it never did, much to the dissapointment of TSG user GrimsChild. Luckily for him, Square Enix stated that the game would be released this Spring for PSN and XBLA. For anyone who can’t remember the game, I’ll leave the initial trailer after the jump.

Source: (Siliconera)

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