Nicalis considering porting Cave Story to Steam (Update)

In case you do not know of can probably be described as the most popular indie freeware game ever made, Cave Story is a platformer in vein of the Metrodian/Megaman style in which you play an unknown creature who has dropped the surface plane to the bizzare world of the Mimigas who are being oppressed by a mad doctor as he wills for the island to be under is control. In a twitter message from Nicalis, who specialise in making UK gamers wait for YEARS for their titles to be released and as well as updating other popular indie games such as La Mulana which should be out sometime this year, He had this to say:

“We’ve gotten a lot of requests for the WiiWare version of Cave Story on Steam. Is this something you want?”

Well is it? Give Nicalis a message to support or deny this if you’re interested. A link to Nicalis’s Twitter can be found as the source to ths article.

Update: Nicalis has since posted that the title will not be coming to steam.

(Original Source: Twitter)
(Update Source: Twitter)

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