Nintendo Announces New Wii Titles

Nintendo 2011’s release list looks fairly slim. There’s Mario Sports Mix next month, and Zelda… And that’s about it. Not anymore! Well, at least in Japan.  Nintendo announced two new Wii titles today while also reconfirming that Rhythm Heaven is coming to the Wii.

You can check out info on the new titles after the jump.

The long delayed Kirby title which originally debuted on Gamecube returns! Well, hopefully. Nintendo re-announced it today and showed some gameplay (which you can check out here with some Rhythm Heaven gameplay). Considering how many delays the title has seen, it might as well be called Kirby Forever.

The second title Nintendo announced today is Tower of Pandora: Until I Return to Your Side. There isn’t much in terms of details, but Nintendo did open up a teaser site for it. The site opens with a girl saying, “Dying and becoming beautiful, or living though ugly. Which will make you happier?” It also has some fancy music and a spring release window. Iwata said we’ll find out more info soon. In before Reggie shoots down its localization.

Great to see some Wii games on the way. Unfortunately, don’t be surprised if we don’t see any of them outside of Kirby. I don’t recall the last Rhythm Heaven exactly being a breakthrough success in North America and Tower of Pandora doesn’t have Mario in it.

Nintendo also revealed that Skyward Sword is in the final phases of development, but expect Ocarina of Time on 3DS first. He also confirms that new 3DS and Wii Pokemon projects are underway.

(Source: andriasang)

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