Nintendo Confirms 3DS Web Browser and E-Store for Launch

Nintendo was being rather unclear about exactly when we would start seeing some of the features of Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo has stepped out to clear up exactly what will and won’t be available at launch.

Despite the previous reports, including ours, the internet browser and the E-Stole will be available at launch. But not right out of the box. You’ll have to perform a system update that will open these features. But they will be available to you day one.

3D Video recording still won’t be available at launch, but Nintendo plans on adding it in the future via a system update as well. It’s still unclear whether or not you’ll be able to transfer over DSiWare titles day one though.

So when you get home after your long wait in line for the 3DS, you’ll get to do a system update! Hopefully it has like a cool 3D animation to keep you entertained.

(Source: Nintendo Life)

7 thoughts on “Nintendo Confirms 3DS Web Browser and E-Store for Launch”

    1. Well web browsers are starting to support 3D graphics, however looking at Nintendo’s trend of using a crappy light version of Opera for each of their consoles I don’t expect it to have any 3D support.

  1. hi there you did not go too gbatemp website they have confirmed a true 3d web browser in true 3d thats why it might not make aravle infact the web briwser internet might be late in may do too 3d suport

  2. hi there yeah 3d web browser for the 3ds e-shop for 3d video fotage of a game on a youtube they showed a 14 second out of a 1:44 video clip soo a 1 minute 44 seconds of video soo it dose have the power for like 3d youtube

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