Nintendo Details 3DS Battery and First Firmware Update

We’ve heard that the 3DS will feature a battery of three to five hours when playing 3D games and six to eight hours when playing DS games. But no one was really sure exactly what effects the battery life and how players can attempt to save battery life.

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Nintendo 3DS’ system designer, Ryuji Umezu, detailed exactly what goes into battery consumption on 3DS. The biggest battery eater is the back lit screen. The Nintendo 3DS sends separate light signals to each eye. This, in turn, halves the brightness of what you would usually expect from a handheld. So essentially Nintendo had to double the brightness output of the 3DS’ screen to make it comparable to that of current handhelds. Don’t forget to touch screen as well.

How can you go about saving energy? Well, there are a few options. The more obvious one, you can turn down the system’s brightness. The less obvious one is Nintendo’s “Power Saver” mode. This mode adjusts the brightness of the screen based off what is currently happening in the game you’re playing. If you’re in dark area, the 3DS will lower the brightness. If you’re in a bright area, the screen will raise the brightness. Umezu says this helps conserve 10%-20% off the battery life. With Power Saver mode off and brightness at max, you’ll pull three hours of playtime from the charge. If you set the screen to the darkest setting, you’ll pull out five hours from a charge.

The 3D effects also affect the battery life of the platform. If you want to play longer, turn down those 3D effects. When turned all the way off, it will increase your battery life by 25%.

Battery life aside, Satoru Iwata detailed exactly what will be coming from the first firmware update set for Japan. He revealed that the update is set for May of 2011. This will bring in the E-Shop, internet browser, and a free 3D movie player.

The E-shop will offer Virtual Console titles, DSiWare, and 3DS specific downloadable content. It will also offer 3D Classics, remakes of older titles in 3D. May is also the date that they will start allowing DSi transfers to 3DS for DSiWare titles. While Nintendo didn’t detail the process, they do say it will be done via the E-Store.

The internet browser is exactly what you think it would be. The 3D movie player detailed allows Fuji TV and Nippon TV to distribute free content daily on the Nintendo 3DS via Spot Pass. This feature will probably be exclusive to Japan. Although maybe we will get Netflix in North America in the future.

A Nintendo of Europe representative claimed to have the Internet Browser and E-Store set for day one, and Nintendo of America dodged the question. With the features not releasing in Japan until May, could we see a change in their plans?

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