Nintendo Download for Europe

Hey, Europe! How’s it going? Oh, you need some downloads? Well, I just happen to have some right here!

This week is actually a pretty good week. On WiiWare you will find Ghost Mania (500 pooints) and Urbanix (500 points), plus a demo for Urbanix. On DSiWare you will find Cosmos Fighter (500 points) which actually looks pretty fun, Super Swap (500 points), and Adventure in Vegas: Slot Machine (200 points). Virtual Console gets, not one, but two updates! The arcade titles Exed Exes (800 points) and Ghost n’ Goblins (800 points), both from Capcom!

Nintendo of Europe is being inconsistent about their press releases again, so this time the source is from Nintendo Life. If you want to read full descriptions about each title, check it out there.

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