Nintendo World 2011 Day 3 Wrap-Up

There was only one new trailer in the entire Level 4 presentation and it was for a game that as far as I can tell isn’t going to get ported to any english speaking countries. Inazuma 11 4 is going to be on 3DS and it looks really cool, too bad I will never get to play it. Other than that there were repeat trailers for Layton, Layton X Pheonix Wright, Fantasy Life, Time Travelers. Look at all them anime cutscenes.

(Tiny Cartridge and Youtube)

Inazuma 11 4

Professor Layton and The Mask of Miracle

Professor Layton VS Pheonix Wright

Fantasy Life

Time Travellers

3 thoughts on “Nintendo World 2011 Day 3 Wrap-Up”

  1. P Lay and The M May, and P Lay vs P Way. Looking forward to those. After I play P Lay and the M May, I’ll actually know something about the characters that were in the P Lay and the E Day movie.

  2. that dude in the white clothes makes me think of Kaito Kid/Phantom Thief Kid from Detective Conan/Case Closed…well the outfit that is…and instead of his cape turning into a glider, this guy’s cape turns into wings

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