“No Plans” for The Last Story Localization

Oh, Nintendo. Why you no localize your games? It started with Disaster: Day of Crisis, Another Code R, and Fatal Frame IV. Then it moved onto Zangeki no Reginleiv and, most likely, Xenoblade. So, whose the lucky fellow who probably won’t be making it outside of Japan now? The Last Story.

VG247 contacted Nintendo about a possible North American or European release of the Mist Walker developed The Last Story. Nintendo answered, “we have no plans at present.

With only two first party titles scheduled for 2011 on Wii in North America and Europe, it isn’t looking to be a great year so far. Unless Nintendo has some plans to announce some Wii titles coming in Q1 and Q2 at GDC or their January 19th conference, Wii owners aren’t going to have a very eventful first half of 2011.

While you’re crossing your fingers for a fan translation, you can check out the latest trailer from Japan that spans a full five minutes.

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