Recettear: An Items Tale sells over 100,000 copies

The breakout doujin title: Recettear which was translated by Carpe Fulgur and released on Steam has now sold it’s 100,000th copy. The game takes a unique spin on the RPG genre by putting you in charge of an item store as the game requires you to pay off a number debt requirements in order to complete it. Recatter has sold a lot betterthan anyone expected it to. Before the game was release, Carpe made a statement thinking that they were at most they would sell 10,000 copies during the first six months however with pre orders cutting of at 26,000 they probably should have been a bit more ambitious. Carpe is still looking for more Doujin games to translate for the Western audience. There not the only people doing it (Rockin’ Android, Monkey Paw etc) though it’s nice to see games like this that debunk the myth that JPG’s are getting stale.

3 thoughts on “Recettear: An Items Tale sells over 100,000 copies”

  1. I actually just checked out the demo to this about 20 minutes before you posted this and I can say its a really interesting game. Playing as the shop keep but still getting to control adventurers in a dungeon is a nice twist on the medieval style game. In a way, its what I expected out of My Life as a King as was disappointed for.

  2. Think of it this way, you are a merchant in the daily grind of adventure and management. The developers did a grand job of getting it to work, it’s a rainbow of excitement.

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