Ridge Racer 3D has Oddly Long Loadtimes

Ridge Racer 3D load times. This video of Ridge Racer 3D is insanely huge. It could just be that the game is in an early state, but it seems egregious considering that the game is on solid state media. The load time looks to be about 12 seconds between pressing start race and the race actually starting.

3DS is look very cool and I certiantly hope these load times aren’t common for 3DS games. The NGP (PSP2) is also going to be using Solid State Media this time around with flash carts. The reason is primarily because of load times since these handhelds don’t have the same streaming capabilities as full consoles. Well just have to wait and see. Look for coverage of the 3DS day one from me on the site around March.

Check out a video of it after the jump.


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