Rumor: Final Fantasy XIII-2? [Domain Registered]

Are we a step closer to Final Fantasy XIII-2?  It seems like perhaps it might be the case!  A domain was recently created, under the name  More importantly, it was registered by “Corporation Service Company”, which has recently registered domains for Neir, Mindjack and other Square Enix titles.

Will we be seeing more of Lighting and Snow?  Will we get to play dress up again?  Or could we be in a treat for something completely new?  These, and other questions, will hopefully be answered soon!

Source:  UFFSite

5 thoughts on “Rumor: Final Fantasy XIII-2? [Domain Registered]”

  1. Could be interesting. While I wasn’t so fond of the tunnel-vision game play that FFXIII offered, I was a big fan of the paradigm system and especially fond of the characters themselves. Not to mention Lightning has pretty much filled the role of best female protagonist ever for me.

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