Rumor: Nintendo Support Says 3DS is Region-Locked

The DS is a fantastic platform with tons of great games on it, some of which you will never play unless you import. Thankfully the Nintendo DS was region free for most of its lifespan, the only exception being newer titles on the DSi or DSi XL.

Nintendo 3DS, unfortunately, will not get that opportunity it seems. When Nintendo’s Japanese support was e-mailed about region encoding, they revealed that the Nintendo 3DS would indeed be region encoded.

I only mark this as a rumor because the story comes from a Japanese E-mail and was posted on a Korean website, which was then translated on the Neogaf forums into English. But considering the DSi and DSi XL already being region-locked, I’d pretty much take this as extremely likely.

Region-encoding frustrates me, and I’m sure many more gamers, to no end. And with Nintendo’s recent tendencies to ignore many Nintendo published titles in Japan, this can only be bad. Of course, there’s always homebrew.

No Love Plus 3DS for you. Ever.

(Via: GoNintendo)

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