Rumor: Metroid Coming to the 3DS

A much anticipated event to show the 3DS off for the first time in the US and the UK is going to happen on the 19th. There’s a rumor based on a couple of tweets that says we might be getting a Metroid 3DS. The tweets in question were from the UK TV personality Jonathan Ross. He hited that there may be a Metroid at the event and when someone replied hoping for Metroid he replied with “I think you’re going to be pleased then…”.

The real question is whether or not this game is going to be a new 2D metroid or not. Bring on Metroid: Dread please Nintendo.


9 thoughts on “Rumor: Metroid Coming to the 3DS”

  1. Please, please, PLEASE be another 2D Metroid. I like the Primes and all, but it’s the semi-platformer style of the original 3 (and Fusion and Zero Mission) that I love about this series. I’d personally be content if the handheld Metroid games stayed 2D, and we get 3D/Prime style games on the console.

    Edit: Unrelated, but why does it log me out every time I post on the blog?

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